We are digital construction specialists, skilled in unlocking your digital potential to drive project success and organisational growth.

What we do

Our mission is to help our clients transform their working practices to achieve genuine value, reduce risk and introduce intelligent applications to achieve a digitally-enabled future.


Intelligence for the future of learning

We have published the Intelligence for the future of learning report on the findings from our recent event which sets out a vision for future learning that will advance our industry and prepare us for the next chapter of the digital revolution.


Learning and Development

Great learning and development providers are those with a smart approach, identifying and enabling the capabilities needed to achieve success through understanding learner needs, and curating and continually updating content to meet these needs. This approach will result in robust content that employs every relevant and available learning method.

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Working at BIM Academy

Our talented team of strategists, project managers, software developers, designers, researchers and technical wizards extend their expertise to global markets.

Digital Climate Podcast Series

Listen as podcast host Peter Barker crosses continents for conversations with sustainability champions on the synergies between digital construction and climate change, what action is being taken right now, and what plans need to be set in place for the future.

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