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All our training and development programmes are designed to meet the needs of professionals in the built environment who are seeking to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of digital information management, BIM software and workflows.

Our team draw upon extensive knowledge, experience and best practice – gained from practical application in industry since 2003 and our award-winning consultancy since 2010 – together with world-leading academic research.

Our BIM training is aligned to the ISO 19650 series where you will learn how to effectively manage information across all stages of your construction projects. We use a systematic approach to identify your needs and the most efficient means of delivery, either online or in the classroom.

When it comes to training, “one size doesn’t fit all”. Your organisation may have a specific training need which is not offered by open courses or off-the-shelf training programmes. We develop blended learning solutions that seamlessly fit a bespoke training requirement, reflecting the client’s image, brand and values. Whether you are looking for training needs analysis, custom programmes or specialist skills training, we can help.

BIM Fundamentals

This introductory course provides entry level learning for those new to Information Management (IM) and Building Information Management (BIM).

You will learn the fundamental concepts of BIM, together with the business benefits and the critical factors for the successful implementation on projects. You will be introduced to the ISO 19650 suite and other working Standards and Specifications.

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ISO 19650 Concepts

Gain greater understanding of the concepts within the ISO 19650 suite of Standards. This course will be particularly useful if you are transitioning on from the 1192 suite. You will learn the basic concepts and principles of ISO 19650, together with an overview of the common terms, processes and activities which support alignment to ISO 19650 Standards.

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BIM for Clients

Written for professionals in the built environment, this course is for individuals seeking to improve their knowledge and understanding of standards, methods and procedures aligned to ISO 19650. We will start with the client’s information requirements and then progress to understanding BIM execution planning, working in a Common Data Environment (CDE) and producing data in COBie format.

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BIM for Project Managers

For a project to be successful, the roles and responsibilities of the project manager must be laid out clearly. In this course you will start with understanding the process of BIM and what it brings to project managers duties. You will learn all stages of the process lifecycle and how the project manager integrates the talents of the team in an effective manner.

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Understanding COBie

This one-day course that will provide construction professionals with the knowledge and skills to make effective use of COBie on BIM-enabled projects. COBie is a key component of Level 2 BIM and ISO 19650: a non-proprietary format for the publication and exchange of BIM data, particularly for asset information.

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Digital collaboration workshops

We offer an intensive and immersive experience designed to allow participants to gain practical knowledge in BIM software and management processes in a real time collaborative environment. Key BIM concepts and ISO 19650 (formerly BIM Level 2) processes are explained and demonstrated, with none of the risks or costs that arise from experimenting on a live project. These workshops are based on a real-world projects and utilise real information sources to provide a practical and transferable experience.

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Learning Strategies and Staff Development Workshops

Designed to meet the needs of professionals in the built environment who are seeking to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of digital information management, BIM software and workflows. One solution rarely fits all, so we carry out an initial needs assessment and work with you, creating a systematic approach to your programme and supporting your digital adoption and implementation. This way we will know if it is appropriate, cost effective, accountable, safe and risk focussed.

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We are digital construction specialists, skilled in technological transformation and we can help you at any stage of your project. Get in touch today.