Digital visionaries fundamentally changing the built environment

Through consultation and our deep understanding of advanced technologies and processes, we transform businesses and their projects to accelerate output and strengthen growth.

BIM Academy: Digital Visionaries

A new perspective

We bring a new perspective to enable our clients to achieve better results. At BIM Academy we are motivated by the desire to improve the way people and technology work together.

BIM is fundamentally about the holistic management of information in a digital world.

We believe in the power of connectivity, the spirit of exploration and the ability to drive innovation through collaboration.

At BIM Academy we are a team of visionaries, on a mission to digitally transform the built environment. We act with integrity and we always do what we say we are going to do. We believe in trust and transparency, we’re authentic and agile, we work throughout every continent to bring the very best to in future-thinking to client projects.

We are digital construction specialists, skilled in unlocking your digital potential to drive project success and organisational growth.

Our History

In 2010 BIM Academy was born out of a partnership between Northumbria University and Ryder Architecture, with the intention of establishing a centre of excellence for digital construction and transformation.

Today we have achieved such status and have taken further steps to transition into one of the world’s leading research and strategic consultants in the global digital built environment.

Based on our principles of independence, impartiality and rigour, we provide valuable support for construction, real estate and infrastructure through our strategic vision and project management and software development expertise.

We help transform businesses through our intelligent application of BIM, smart processes and digital technologies, by guiding our clients along a clear pathway towards achieving their goal, whilst always mindful of adding value and reducing risk.

BIM provides product data in standardised digital formats which are used to build and asset in a virtual environment so that all parties can see the asset and assess its workings before it is built. At BIM Academy, we enable this process to happen, we are digital construction pioneers, paving the way for a unified global digital built environment.

Our talented team of strategists, project managers, software developers, designers, researchers and technical wizards extend their expertise to global markets.

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