BIM Academy were invited to attend a NCE Round Table (it was actually oblong) discussion on 25 November. It was attended by representatives from BCIA shortlisted projects that stood out for their use of BIM, to express their views on what behaviours and contractual mechanisms enabled their use of technology to shine – and what that added to the end product. BIM Academy Chair John Lorimer joined a diverse mix of clients, contractors and consultants.

A wide ranging discussion concluded that the industry has made great progress in the last twelve months as demonstrated at the ICE BIM conference in October. The need to manage the cultural challenges that BIM adoption presents is starting to be recognized and creating a collaborative working environment is essential. A recurring theme was the restricted supply of good and proven sources of teaching and mentoring. As the roll out of BIM increases this is likely to provide a significant challenge – an opportunity? – in the short term, compounded by differing requirements for each member of a project team. The client’s role has become increasingly important and supporting them was seen as a key role for the supply chain. The UK Government’s Industrial Strategy Construction 2025 has been a catalyst for some and the contractors present have started to include it in their strategic planning process. There were some interesting examples tabled where companies have taken the initiative to exploit new technology in their delivery process including the use of a portable Virtual Reality cave.

NCE will be publishing the output from the discussion in a future edition which will hopefully help the industry, whether they are well on the BIM journey or just starting out.

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