How can technologies within the construction industry help us tackle climate change?

by BIM Academy | July 7, 2023 |  2 min read

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“Starting a project with digital at the centre from the beginning will be far more successful than forcing BIM in at a much later stage.” These are the words of Andrew Gamblen, AEC Specialist at Dalux as he talks to BIM Academy Director Paul Thorpe.

On a daily basis we witness the use of digital technologies being used in all areas of the construction industry, with the overarching goals of increasing productivity while simultaneously simplifying work and reducing errors. Whilst this is extremely important, we can also use the power of technology to help us tackle climate change challenges.

In the latest series of our Digital Climate podcasts, Paul invited Andrew to discuss the impact of climate change on the construction industry and asked him, ‘in your own experience, in past roles as a contractor, and now in your software specialisms, what are the greatest challenges in using technology in construction’s fights against climate change? Can technology (or is technology) be an enabler for reducing, for example, embodied carbon on a build and overall carbon emissions onsite and post handover? What challenges have you faced or are facing and how do you plan to overcome them?’

Tough questions, but ones which produced insightful responses.  Andrew began with pressing the importance of collaboration: that from a technology point of view, projects and the success of our projects lie with good collaboration, understanding and shared goals.

When it comes to embodied cardon, we should all be working together to reduce carbon emissions, starting with the manufacturer through to the specifier and the contractor. Technology today allows us to track the carbon that goes through the construction process, this information – this data – is paramount to future learning on how to reduce embodied cardon and learn how to build with less emissions. Andrew continues to say that technology allows us to do some fantastic things and we need to put our trust and faith in the technology to make even greater things happen.

Listen to the full conversation to hear Paul and Andrew discuss in further detail how the construction industry is transitioning to a ‘digital first’ approach when it comes to climate change, what we have learned so far, and what is yet to come.

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