Ryder Architecture acquires BIM Academy

by BIM Academy | July 28, 2023 |  2 min read

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Ryder has completed a full industry spinout, purchasing remaining shares in digital construction consultancy BIM Academy from its joint venture partner, Northumbria University.

BIM Academy was born from a need for monumental change in the construction industry, one which embraced technology and collaboration, and abandoned outdated processes in the design, construction and operation of our built assets.

Based on a longstanding relationship, Ryder and Northumbria University created an entity which would support the transformation of our industry, our environment and the communities we serve.  Since 2010 we have grown from a research led, BIM delivery and training provider, into a world leading digital consultancy for the built environment, applying our diverse and entrepreneurial expertise to successfully deliver projects across the entire asset lifecycle in 20+ countries. The uniqueness and success of the partnership was reflected, in 2017, in the Times Higher Education award for the most innovative contribution to business-university collaboration.

BIM Academy has surpassed its original intent and reached a juncture in its development.  The founding partners have therefore agreed to develop the current joint venture arrangements by completing a full industry spin out. This will allow the partners to focus on their individual strengths whilst continuing to collaborate in shared areas of interest in research and education.  Ryder has acquired Northumbria University’s shares and is committed to build on the legacy of BIM Academy alongside a growing range of complementary consultancy services.