Embracing the Future of Construction: BIM Academy’s Astonishing Partnership with Aston University

by Andrew Johnson | July 14, 2023 |  3 min read
Embracing the Future of Construction: BIM Academy’s Astonishing Partnership with Aston University
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As many of you know, BIM Academy has worked with Aston University for years, supporting lectures and workshops on Building Information Modelling (BIM) fundamentals. When the university approached us in 2022 to create a BIM Specialist course, we saw not just a project, but an opportunity – an opportunity to evolve our years of experience into a blended learning experience of unmatched value.

Working with Dr Kenneth Park, Reader in Construction Management & Engineering at Aston University, was a thrilling aspect of this venture. As a digital consultancy, we aimed to weave real project case studies, lessons learned and best practices into the fabric of our course content.

When the material was finally crafted, we embarked on a ‘Train the Educator’ course for the lecturers. It was a fascinating journey to explain the distinct nuances of delivering content to industry and academia, explore digital tools like Slido and Miro to enhance virtual delivery, and make the whole process more engaging. Ultimately, we also updated the educators on BIM in line with ISO 19650, covering everything from basic concepts and principles to health and safety.

The course we have built is robust and rich, marrying on campus and online learning through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Our two modules – Autodesk Revit platform and Autodesk Navisworks Manage – offer hands on learning experiences tailored for practitioners of varying skill levels. By the end of this course, participants will be able to understand and interpret the requirements from different parties, BIM ISO 19650 standards, and relevant processes and technologies.

But we have gone beyond just imparting knowledge. This course offers 150 hours of guided and independent activity, including specialist sessions and dedicated time for mastering the Autodesk Revit and Navisworks Manage platforms. Moreover, participants can create an individual portfolio, applying their newly acquired skills and knowledge to real-life problems relevant to their business and industry.

I am particularly excited about the timetable for on campus teaching that we have designed. We have planned sessions in September, November, and April next year, to cater to the needs of our learners.

Our collaboration with industry stakeholders adds an extra layer of credibility to this endeavour. BIM Academy is a global centre of excellence for BIM and digitisation of the built environment. We are delivering support in adopting BIM for public and private sector clients across the UK, Europe, Hong Kong, Canada and Australia. This expertise and global reach find a new avenue of expression in our partnership with Aston University.

The icing on the cake? Participants will receive a certificate of completion awarding them 150 hours of Continuing Professional Development under the combined banner of Aston University and BIM Academy.

I see an extraordinary journey of design and collaboration, and I am looking forward to an opportunity to shape the future of construction. This partnership with Aston University is not just a course offering, it is a significant stride towards a more digitised, efficient and promising future in building and infrastructure development. We invite you to join us on this journey, and let’s build the future together, one module at a time!

To find out more about our collaboration with Aston University and the new courses available, contact me at [email protected].

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Andrew Johnson

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Andrew is the Learning and Development Lead at BIM Academy, responsible for authoring and delivering digital construction training, as well as designing and developing digital transformation programmes for industry clients. Andrew specialises in digital strategy development through information management on live projects and through research. In 2019, Andrew left the Corps of Royal Engineers after a full 24 years’ service, leaving as a senior soldier. Prior to leaving the military, Andrew completed his postgraduate MSc in engineering management, with a thesis that investigated the cultural impact of implementing BIM in the UK construction industry.
Andrew Johnson