BIM Academy offers resilience to an industry set on pause

As a business, technology is at our core: it’s what we’re built upon and it runs through our virtual veins.

by BIM Academy | May 4, 2020 |  3 min read

BIM Academy offers resilience to an industry set on pause
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When we find ourselves, together with the rest of the world, in an unprecedented era where being together physically is almost impossible, we are in a fortunate position to be able to allow our team to work remotely with little disruption to the delivery of our projects.

Every person on the planet has the same 1440 minutes each day, it is how we choose to use them that makes all the difference.

Time is everyone’s most valuable resource and how we spend it determines how much we can accomplish in our lives. During this pandemic it is very much evident that the way we were spending our time before March this year in the UK was very different to how we allocate it today.

As we enter our 10th year, the values BIM Academy was established upon are still very fresh and more relevant today than ever before. Our mission was to create a business that was agile, a rapid responder to change and pioneers of technological advancement.

In the past decade technology has undoubtedly matured and we have at our fingertips a significant array of tools to enable online collaboration. Before this pandemic we were taking advantage of this digital way of working and made collaboration tools of our own.

For us, we are now seeing significant benefits in being digitally focused and have the ability to support our team and their families when so many others are suffering. For instance, we are still able to deliver our BIM strategies for a major public sector client in Qatar, Hellas Gold in Greece, and a large motor manufacturing facility in Hungary. All these projects have been fortunate with no need to press the pause button.

The work we do is all about using digital to drive collaboration. High on our agenda is to enable a digitally open world, and now we see a greater need for this than ever before.

Our response to Coronavirus is one of support, understanding and compassion, all of which is reflected in how we operate as a business and the way we communicate with our team, our clients and the rest of the world.

The digital management of data is an essential component for the future of the built environment and the people who use it. The work we do is all about using technology to generate reliable, accessible data about things which matter most.

And what matters most right now is we remain positive, resolute and united as an industry and a society. Digital is a crucial component in this, allowing us to build trust when we are (temporarily) without the human touch.