Whipps Cross Hospital

Whipps Cross Hospital is one of the first contributions to the government’s New Hospital Programme, undergoing a £400m redevelopment.

Whipps Cross Hospital
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Whipps Cross Hospital


London, UK


Strategy, Project Management



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Whipps Cross Hospital is one of the first contributions to the government’s New Hospital Programme. This 85,000sqm hospital is undergoing a £400m redevelopment which will provide a strategic opportunity for Barts Health NHS Trust to transform the care provided to patients across Waltham Forest and parts of Redbridge in east London.

BIM Academy is leading on the information management and digital strategy on the Whipps Cross project. Our initial role was to setup the project Common Data Environment (CDE) and ensure that the design team understand what the deliverables are, and will be, with regards to data and information requirements throughout the project.

Once the CDE was in place, we became responsible for all information quality checks throughout the design process. This has included the coordination of the design, as well as auditing both models and the CDE itself. The whole process has been tailored to the International BIM Standard, ISO 19650. Using the processes set out within the standard, we can ensure that project information is correctly collected, managed and stored.

For all projects, it is about de risking the project during construction. At the handover of the project, we need to have good quality asset information that can be used by the operations team within all of those buildings to make better decisions about how they operate.

The redevelopment of Whipps Cross is far more than the rebuilding of a hospital – it is the ambitious integration of health, social care and health and wellbeing, providing holistic care to the local community.