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The NBS National BIM Library launched in 2012 and has become the fastest-growing building information modelling (BIM) library in the UK.

NBS National BIM Library
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The NBS National BIM Library has an extensive collection of both generic and manufacturer BIM objects ranging from building fabric systems to mechanical and electrical objects.

These digital, data-rich generic and proprietary objects are intended for use by AEC industry professionals when specifying building products to construction and infrastructure projects. The library is available online and enables designers, contractors and other professionals to locate and download BIM objects for a wide range of systems and products.

All objects are available in IFC interoperable and main proprietary BIM software file formats. The objects contain parameters derived from industry best practice, including COBie to support asset management. 

Originally commissioned by NBS in 2011, BIM Academy was responsible for scoping and authoring the National BIM Library as the UK’s first free-to-use library of high quality generic and proprietary BIM objects.

Playing a leading role in the creation of this essential source of digital information for the supply chain to aid the construction industry in BIM adoption, we worked in partnership with NBS to create this first of its kind object library.

We developed this in both proprietary and platform-neutral software formats, with industry-relevant objects and systems created in both generic and manufacturer-specific proprietary forms.

We brought together our expertise from architectural and engineering practice and academic research knowledge to deliver a valuable resource for the construction industry as it moved to the digital era.

The NBS National BIM Library has become an invaluable information resource for professionals in  the AEC industry, by serving as the building blocks of the BIM process and is applicable to the UK and international regions.