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Wahib joined BIM academy in 2023 as a researcher. He completed his master’s degree in construction management from King Fahd University in 2022. Wahib currently works with BIM Academy whilst completing his PhD research in digital twin framework for connected construction sites at Northumbria University.

What inspires you?

What has truly driven me to pursue a career as a researcher in construction management is the practicality and problem solving nature of the research in this domain. It revolves around identifying current challenges and issues faced by construction projects and seeking to provide effective solutions to directly address such complexities.

What do you believe are the current challenges in our industry and how can we overcome them?

There are several challenges currently faced by the AEC industry including, fragmented collaboration and communication, data management and integration, risky working environment, sequential workflow and technology adoption issues. Most of these challenges can be addressed by mandating cloud based BIM workflows, lean and sustainable construction approaches, e.g. modular integrated construction, and actively encouraging the adoption of automated technological innovations, e.g. robotics.

What’s going to be the next big thing for the digital built environment?

One of the most transformative developments that has the potential to truly revolutionise the built environment is the emergence of Digital Twin Construction. This concept offers unprecedented capabilities for real time monitoring, effective control over the construction process and the assurance of compliant, high-quality and safe delivery of built assets.