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Wardell Armstrong is a multidisciplinary engineering, environmental and mining consultancy with over 480 employees in its global offices, delivering complex projects worldwide.

Wardell Armstrong
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Wardell Armstrong


Stoke-on-Trent, UK


Strategy, Project Management


Design and Construction

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Wardell Armstrong enlisted the support of BIM Academy to deliver a strategy that would drive the business forward with regards the use of digital tools and processes.

In order to do this, we liaised with internal specialists across several departments to understand current processes, protocols and systems. We also consulted with stakeholders to understand their aspirations for the organisation moving forward.

This enabled us to establish key themes which influenced our strategic report. We created a corporate and operational strategy for BIM implementation across the organisation and produced a practical roadmap describing the methods in which to deliver it.

We delivered a suite of template BIM documents which included a BIM Execution Plan (BEP), Organisation Information Requirements (OIR), Asset Information Requirements (AIR) and Exchange Information Requirements (EIR). We identified potential pilot projects and laid out all the critical stages and priorities into an achievable roadmap.

Wardell Armstrong is now working through the relevant phases of our strategy. We continue to provide support and guidance.