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BIM Academy has developed an in-depth Virtual Project training course for AEC professionals.

Virtual Project Training
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This three-day course offers professionals working at SMEs or large contractors the opportunity to experience BIM in a real-life collaborative environment.

The Virtual Project was established by BIM Academy in 2012 to complement more traditional training in BIM software, such as Autodesk Revit® or Navisworks. Around 70% of the three days is spent in “real life” project scenario, which involves planning a live project in a workshop setting and practising BIM software skills on a pre-prepared model.

Unlike other courses, Virtual Project is very practical and involves presentations, demonstrations, workshops and software tools training. The aim is to encourage as much engagement among participants as possible, with learning driven by the team itself and BIM Academy tutors providing guidance and support.

The course begins teaching the basics of strategic BIM implementation, explaining the UK government strategy and the requirements of the international BIM Standard, ISO 19650.

Our trainers demonstrate how to plan a BIM-mandated project, starting with exchange information requirements (EIR), then developing a BIM execution plan and detailing how deliverables will be achieved.

The aim of this virtual BIM environment is to expose participants to how they would work on an actual project, rather than ask them to watch demonstrations and then practice it at in their place of work.

Participants have come from a range of different disciplines and backgrounds, including large scale contractors and SMEs, and facilities managers and project managers from local authorities. The course to date has been run with client companies in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada and Middle East. Most recently, BIM Academy was commissioned to deliver this Virtual Project training for PwC Middle East.

This unique Virtual Project course was tailored to the PwC exacting needs to offer focused insights into the application and value of a range of digital tools and processes when applied at all stages of the project lifecycle.

Mark Cameron, Director of Capital Projects Services for PwC Middle East commented: “One of the most industry-relevant courses I have taken in a long time, delivered by people who really are at the top of their specialism. Whilst grounded in the practical day-to-day delivery of BIM, the team were not afraid to show what they thought were the next big ideas in this area. I left the course feeling extremely excited for the future of our industry.”

For further details on the Virtual Project training, contact Andrew Johnson, Project Manager at [email protected].