Smart Connected Buildings

As part of an Innovate UK research initiative, we were asked to initiate a project with the aim of understanding how a software platform could be designed for use by Social Housing Providers to improve the performance of their buildings and the wellbeing of vulnerable tenants.

Smart Connected Buildings
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There are currently over 20 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices installed in buildings globally, and this number is only going to increase. The magnitude of the data being collected is almost unimaginable; ways of exploiting this data for the benefit of the owners, operators, users and the wider supply chain is in its infancy.

Very little by way of software platforms currently exist that can collect and analyse the data on buildings – using occupant feedback, sensors and design models to construct practical actionable advice that building owners, occupiers and the wider supply chain can use to inform the decisions they make about the design, construction, operation and use of their buildings.

As part of the research project focusing on smart connectivity for buildings, we developed a cloud-based application capable of linking BIM contextual data with operational performance data from smart devices.

The application is a web-hosted dashboard, which acts as a centralised hub where data can be received, collected and analysed. The application links data inputs to building elements such as apartments or rooms to provide context.

The same inputs are used in conjunction with customisable alerts and advice libraries to inform stakeholders of problems and give practical actionable advice to help minimise complaints, promoting a transition to a more proactive building management approach.

This application has immense value to Social Housing Providers for both new and existing building stock. It can compare ‘as design’ performance against ‘in use’ to highlight performance gaps and their cause. Compare performance before and after building improvement work takes place, to quantify success and value for money, and enable proactive maintenance regimes based on the feedback provided by the platform.

This intelligent data platform containing building design information, sensor data and user feedback, produces meaningful actionable advice for building owners and occupiers.