BIM Academy is leading a research project, SiteView, designed to utilise BIM and 4D to improve the sequence for timing and construction equipment utilisation in real-time on-site, feeding live data to all stakeholders.

Innovative Research Project Wins Funding for Next Stage
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The SiteView team have secure the pilot project on the A19 and A1 (north-east) schemes with Costain and Walter group as partners and BIM Academy is working on the A19 Testo’s junction and Downhill Lane improvement schemes. These schemes will improve traffic flow as SiteView aims to enhance the on-site construction plant and equipment’s productivity and efficiency through digital technologies.

BIM Academy and BuildStream have been collaborating to link the SiteView platform with a tracker application and have introduced QR code integration to improve onboarding equipment’s user experience, which is critical in ensuring machine operators do not encounter issues.

BIM Academy has continuously developed the platform over the past three months and we now have a 3D view of the site and construction equipment assets. We are using a robust API for complex data requirements and our dashboard for handling administrative tasks.

Now into the quarter four of the project, we are exploring Machine Learning in collaboration with Northumbria University. The research has examined both construction and AI, particularly in activity recognition and productivity metrics. Northumbria University has utilised another deep learning algorithm for excavator activity recognition.

The focus now is to continue modelling contextual information whilst improving the 4D platform. Live testing will continue, where we will create benchmarks for site activities and machine learning models for recognition. We will continue to work with the pilot project team for continuous improvement.