Sir Robert McAlpine

Established in 1869, Sir Robert McAlpine (SRM) remains a family-owned building and civil engineering company, designing, developing and building some of the UK’s most iconic buildings.

Sir Robert McAlpine
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Sir Robert McAlpine


Hemel Hempstead, UK


Strategy, Learning and Development


Design and Construction

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BIM Academy was approached by SRM to create a bespoke skills development training programme for the whole organisation.

We carried out extensive consultation with employees, in varying roles and levels of expertise, in order to identify current skills levels, what the organisation needed to gain from the BIM training and, just as importantly, how this should be structured.

Four custom training programmes were then developed. A series of training days were put in place, which would span a 12-month roll-out across the organisation.

These courses covered BIM Awareness, BIM Management, BIM Commercial and BIM Planning, and contained ‘virtual projects’ to enhance the learning experience.

This allowed trainees to work through a project scenario collaboratively whilst visualising and understanding the application of the information and working methods they would soon be implementing on live projects.

Our series of two-day workshops also involved a combination of hands-on technical tool training, didactic teaching and workshop-based discussion.