Scottish Futures Trust SIMP

In the development of its standard information management planning process, the Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) engaged BIM Academy to support in the creation of the Standard Information Management Plan (SIMP) for school projects across Scotland.

Scottish Futures Trust SIMP
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A public body of the Scottish Government, the SFT was tasked with improving public sector infrastructure and driving inclusive economic growth and meeting government net zero emissions targets across the region. The work of the SFT has helped put Scotland at the forefront of implementing BIM and new technologies on construction and infrastructure projects in the UK – with an equal level of focus on sustainability and future-proofing design processes.

Thanks to this forward-thinking approach, BIM Academy was able to work closely with the SFT to develop key principles and identify a framework for the design and build of schools across the region, which are also aligned to sustainability standards.

The SIMP is key to both producing and maintaining information and is supporting local authorities throughout Scotland. The plan clearly sets out what information is needed, when it should be delivered and by whom, ensuring the local authorities can easily understand and apply the information to the roll-out of new school projects and the Learning Estates Investment Programme.

BIM Academy was instrumental in creating this vital framework and supporting its development. This included workshopping and providing guidance for the SFT, resulting in a plan that will ensure the smooth implementation of project roll-outs across Scotland moving forward.

BIM Academy’s continued relationship with the SFT will also ensure continuous improvement as new lessons are learned. Our support of local authorities and school projects will further improve the delivery and performance of infrastructure in Scotland, keeping them at the forefront of digital development.