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The Royal Household is the collective institution which support members of the British Royal Family. Within this structure, the Property Services Team manage the estates of all 27 occupied Royal Palaces, which include Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, St James’s Palace and Sandringham House.

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Heritage and Conservation

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In 2016, Buckingham Palace began an extensive 10 year planned £369m refurbishment – the largest of its kind since before the second World War. This giant restoration project involves the replacing of 100 miles of electrical cabling, 6,500 electrical sockets, 5,000 light fittings, 20 miles of heating pipework and 2,500 radiators.

This work was deemed necessary after restoration experts warned the palace and its priceless artwork was at risk of fire and water damage if repairs were not made.

From the start, the Property Services Team was actively seeking to use this as a catalyst to review and improve how asset information is managed across the entirety of the estate. They appointed BIM Academy to develop and deliver an information management strategy.

We created a corporate and operational strategy for BIM implementation across the organisation, and produced a practical roadmap describing the methods to deliver organisation-wide implementation for better information management.

The roadmap detailed the incremental phases of work required to achieve the agreed vision to deliver optimised performance, efficient and effective delivery of projects and operation and integrated digital information systems and processes.

We created all the elements required for the Royal Household to progress in their BIM journey. By delivering a suite of template BIM documents, OIR, AIR and EIRs, we identified potential pilot projects and a recommended training plan for the team.

We are continuing to support The Royal Household as it works through the relevant phases of the roadmap for Buckingham Palace and other estate properties.