Oil and Pipelines Agency

The Oil and Pipeline Agency (OPA), a statutory public corporation sponsored by the Secretary of State for Defence, commissioned BIM Academy to create a BIM protocol.

Oil and Pipelines Agency
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Oil and Pipelines Agency


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OPA was formed in 1986 by virtue of the Oil and Pipelines Act 1985, to manage, operate and maintain six Naval Oil Fuel Depots and a Petroleum Storage Depot on behalf of the Ministry of Defence.

For an organisation such as OPA that serves government projects, the utilisation of BIM processes and technology will significantly improve the efficiency and quality of its projects. We began with the development of BIM protocols encapsulated in a document suite that supports the implementation of BIM for the OPA.

Our approach initially focused on creating a draft suite of BIM documents, including Organisation Information Requirements (OIR), Asset Information Requirements (AIR) and Exchange Information Requirements (EIR).

This provided a basis for workshops to take place, to facilitate reviews and discussions enabling us to produce a final iteration of the customised document suite.

We progressed the project to the next phase, where we authored and delivered a training programme for key staff to introduce the documents – explaining how they work, along with definitions and specifying the optimal method for supporting BIM implementation on any upcoming OPA projects moving forward.