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Hellas Gold is a gold, silver, lead and zinc mining company headquartered in Athens. It is a subsidiary of Eldorado Gold Corporation.

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Athens, Greece


Strategy, Learning and Development



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Since it began in 2004, Hellas Gold has been developing and operating responsibly, safely and under the strictest environmental conditions. Employing over 1,600, Hellas Gold identified that transitioning to a more digitally-focused way of working would increase productivity and also support its strict environmental policy.

BIM Academy invited Hellas Gold to the UK to show them how to improve information management through the use of BIM methodologies.

Hellas Gold was in the process of planning a future growth strategy and increased operational efficiencies were critical to support this growth.

We began by researching the current business and technical systems adopted by Hella Gold and understanding current and future business objectives. This research was undertaken in Athens and onsite at the company’s Skouries mine in Northern Greece.

When the research was complete, we presented the need for a new digital information management strategy. This strategy was approved and will be first applied to the Skouries mine, which has an opencast area plus 1km below surface level underground mine. This site is expected to produce $10bn of materials in the next 10 years.

BIM Academy has created a digital model of the Skouries site to support management and information of the mining processes. In turn, the model will also be linked to Asset Management for plant and equipment.

The potential efficiencies lie in the improved reliability, quality, accessibility and completeness of information to support the feasibility, handover and operational stages.

Once fully operational, it is anticipated that the same strategic plan will be rolled-out to all other Hellas Gold mining sites in Greece and to many of the Eldorado Gold Corporation sites worldwide.