Forest City

Forest City is a newly-built smart and green city located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, boasting hotels, golf resorts and luxury homes.

Forest City
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Country Garden Pacific View


Johor Bahru, Malaysia


Strategy, Project Management, Digital Technologies, Learning and Development, Building Performance



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The Landmark Building is the focal point of the first phase of construction by Country Garden Pacific View for this impressive development. This intelligent and integrated city is estimated to house a population of 700,000 residents.

BIM Academy was commissioned by Country Garden Pacific View to develop a strategy for, and then create, a digital Asset Information Model (AIM) for the Landmark Building, comprising a coordinated multidisciplinary 3D geometry model of the building fabric, structure and services, combined with non-graphical data on the maintainable assets of the fabric and systems.

We worked closely with the project management, modelling and contractor teams to devise a strategy for the development of the geometric models and classification of asset data and means to combine this in a holistic digital information model for improved management of the building and infrastructure.

The project was developed as a ‘proof of concept’ for delivery with the greater Forest City smart city development, with the intention of replicating the approach across the entire project.