CÉH Planning, Developing and Consulting Inc (CÉH) is a leading Hungarian engineering and project management company founded in 1990 and based in Budapest.

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The organisation provides engineering services in building design, bridge design, project management and site supervision.

In 2017, CÉH initiated a corporate digital transformation process, including the adoption of BIM, based on some experience of the business value benefits, especially in building design.

The company was seeking to establish its ability to provide BIM management services and also to provide design and project management services based on a BIM process. BIM Academy was approached to act as CÉH’s consultant partner, supporting the company during this transformation process.

The first part of this project was to create a detailed analysis of existing business drivers and technical capabilities, which would then be used to inform the development of a strategy report and implementation roadmap to establish what CÉH needed to do over a prescribed future period.

This strategic report was created through a series of consultations with CÉH in its Budapest head office to establish current processes. Recommendations were then made as to how best to implement BIM within the organisation.

After the strategic report was delivered, CÉH wanted to understand how the UK market was applying BIM in practice – particularly on engineering and civils projects. We organised a structured study trip across the UK, visiting 12 organisations across London, Newcastle and Edinburgh, with five senior CÉH personnel.

This study trip was well received as an informative and valuable experience. We are now working with CÉH to achieve the capability targets we set out in the strategy plan, including ISO 19650 BIM Certification by mid-2020.