Building Performance

Optimising building performance through technology.

Building Performance
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How we can help

  • Pedestrian modelling and people flow simulation
  • Digital environmental analysis
  • Computational design analysis
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Visualisation and animation
  • Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA)
  • Off Site Manufacture (OSM)
  • Digital buildability assessment

Identifying client and asset goals, we apply a systematic approach to Building Performance Management in order to establish strategic performance objectives, effectively collecting, analysing, reviewing and reporting on project data to use in the long-term running of the asset.

Through the application of digital construction methodologies, we have witnessed a massive transformation within the construction industry where buildings are now built virtually first and then physically. The use of machine learning applications and autonomous construction equipment are key resources throughout the construction value chain, and offsite manufacturing has irreversibly changed the way be design and build.

We work with our clients and advise on how best to use the wide variety of technologies available to us. Our team at BIM Academy are skilled in the application of technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, machine learning and the application of robotics, and apply these technologies in our methods for measuring project and asset performance.

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