WATCH: The Power of Certification webinar

Wherever you are on your BIM journey – whether a BIM beginner or a veteran – you need to understand why we need certification and the benefits it brings to your projects.

by BIM Academy | July 7, 2020 |  2 min read

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In early July we ran a webinar which explored “The Power of Certification” in the digital built environment.

During this webinar, BIM Academy Director, Dr Graham Kelly, talks with two leading BSI digital construction specialists, Rob Hine, Head of Trade and Partnerships and Dan Rossiter, Sector Lead for the Built Environment, on some of the challenges surrounding the implementation of a BIM strategy and how you can assess and measure your progress.

These digital construction experts looked at what certification is, why we need it, and what standards we need to adhere to in order to obtain certification within your organisation.

The standards landscape is continually evolving and changing. It is beneficial to understand what applies to your business to be able to implement the correct BIM protocols. Dan stated the aim for BSI is to have one world, one standard approach for BIM, so that the industry works in unison. This is covered in more detail by the UK BIM Framework, which is made up of BSI, UK BIM Alliance and Centre for Digital Build Britain (CDBB), and outlines the overarching approach to implementing BIM in the UK.

We also look at what standards apply to digital construction and how they inter-relate, what you need to know about standards, and how these support your accreditation process.

Achieving certification gives you a competitive advantage and differentiates you from your competitors, which was demonstrated in the case study presented by Graham for CEH in Budapest.

For this project, BIM Academy hosted workshops to assess CEH’s needs together with reviewing existing documents and protocols. This enabled us to provide recommendations for new processes as we supported CEH in a BSI audit and accreditation.

As a result, CEH achieved certification in March 2020 and is working to improved levels of BIM procedures in line with ISO 19650.

If you would like to learn more about how to achieve certification for your own organisation, contact BIM Academy’s Dr Graham Kelly for a more detailed discussion and find out how we can help transform your BIM protocols.