BIM Academy has formed a partnership with sustainability specialists Building Research Solutions

by BIM Academy | April 21, 2023 | 3 min read

BIM Academy has formed a partnership with sustainability specialists Building Research Solutions
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A new partnership has been formed between BIM Academy and Building Research Solutions (BRS) that will support environmental change and positively impact upon the way construction projects are delivered to meet, and exceed, sustainability and net zero targets.

BRS is a team of building sustainability experts, who understand building related challengesusing scientific methods to research the cause of the challenge, and provide solutions, that will help businesses who are on a journey to overcome these challenges and improve their products, services and the building and management of their assets.

BRS was established after two research centres and 13 years of academia came together to deliver data driven, evidence based, support tools to enable reductions in both embodied and operational energy/carbon in new and existing buildings.

This new alliance between BIM Academy and BRS has the potential to deliver groundbreaking consultancy and research with industry changing results. Both organisations will collaborate on consultancy, research and learning and development to support clients across the construction industry and beyond, to meet industry standards and carbon reduction goals.

The aim of this collaboration is to drive the augmentation of digital and sustainability agendas to the forefront of construction and asset management projects. Combining expertise in both areas to showcase the optimisation of better design (new build and retrofit) through the proliferation of data generation, capture and analysis. Delivering joint knowledge transfer and learning and development, by authoring and delivering new training courses to upskill the industry in the art and science of digital building information management and building performance methods to streamline the progression in achieving a more sustainable, safe and healthy built environment.

Both organisations are built on the ethos of sustainability as standard, a concept at the heart of what both have to offer. This is the principal that the partnership will bring to each new joint project and training activity.

Dr Graham Kelly, Managing Director at BIM Academy commented on this new partnership: “Combining our relevant areas of expertise with that of BRS’s, will place a strong and clear emphasis on the power to generate actionable intelligence and drive better decision making when it comes to sustainability strategies. The partnership with BRS will inform new interactions between the worlds of digital construction and energy efficiency building performance, in turn testing, developing and streamlining new workflows which will have tangible results for decision makers.”

BIM Academy and BRS work with both national and international governments, public sector organisations, private sector consortiums, developers, consultants, contractors and more. This collaboration will further support each of these organisations in their project delivery and allow them to work more efficiently, achieving their respective national and individual sustainability targets.

Dr Jon Stinson, Managing and Technical Director at Building Research Solutions added: “By merging the workflows of digital and building performance, not only does this act to create more sustainable buildings but, and arguably just as important, they work to make project teams more sustainable. This is achieved by calibrating the specification of required data and consolidating it in a way that is both easily accessed and easily actioned thereby relieving pressure in some of the notorious pinch points in most projects. Helping to make the right decision faster.

The key objectives of this partnership are to allow BIM Academy and BRS to collaborate and share their expertise in the areas of digital and sustainable transformation to the benefits of existing and new clients. By demonstrating the synergies between digital information management and sustainability metrics, they will reinforce and underpin the correct utilisation of the economic, environmental and social impact on today’s built assets, whilst considerably de-risking investment in new assets long into the future.

To understand more about this new partnership and how it can support your business, contact Dr Graham Kelly here.

IMG: (from left to right) Dr Jon Stinson, Dr Ruth Saint, Dr Graham Kelly, Dr Melanie Robinson, Peter Barker