Talking digital education with Middlesex University’s Dr Noha Saleeb

by Andrew Johnson | March 10, 2023 |  3 min read

Talking digital education with Middlesex University’s Dr Noha Saleeb
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Dr Noha Saleeb is Associate Professor in Creative Technologies and Construction at Middlesex University. Noha has taught multiple modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level in Architecture, BIM, Design Engineering, Programming and Graphics. She also leads on many research initiatives, with her key interests focusing on the intersection of architecture, computer programming and e-learning.

BIM Academy’s Learning and Development Lead, Andrew Johnson, invited Noha to be a guest on his podcast series to talk about BIM in education and digital skills gaps across the construction industry.

Noha is currently investigating using Artificial Intelligence agents to develop student interaction and e-learning application, something Andrew is also interested in. In this podcast Andrew invites Noha to talk about her work and her research.

Initially an architect, Noha worked for many years in industry in design, construction and onsite project coordination and as well as her teaching, she provides consultancy on BIM implementation and management.

Andrew begins by asking Noha, if the provision of qualifications at higher and further education level that cover the digital knowledge and skills required to enable construction industry professionals to function effectively within an environment that is now operating with a digital first perspective, is enough to prepare graduates as they embark on their construction careers.

Noha says yes to some extent, but not enough education providers are up to speed with this yet. And it’s not just the education providers who need to change, a whole new change management culture is needed for bridging skills gaps from industry leaders and employers. We need to change the mindsets of those who are going to lead on this, to educate them on what skills are required in industry and how to enable this.

Listen to the full podcast as Andrew and Noha discuss what is happening right now in the education space for digital construction skills, and what needs to happen in the future.

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About the author

Andrew is the Learning and Development Lead at BIM Academy, responsible for authoring and delivering digital construction training, as well as designing and developing digital transformation programmes for industry clients. Andrew specialises in digital strategy development through information management on live projects and through research.

In 2019, Andrew left the Corps of Royal Engineers after a full 24 years’ service, leaving as a senior soldier.

Prior to leaving the military, Andrew completed his postgraduate MSc in engineering management, with a thesis that investigated the cultural impact of implementing BIM in the UK construction industry.

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