Smart Energy Voices podcast with Peter Barker

by BIM Academy | July 16, 2021 |  2 min read

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BIM Academy Managing Director, Peter Barker, was invited to take part in a discussion on sustainability in the built environment in the Northern Gas and Power podcast series: Smart Energy Voice.

In this podcast, Peter, together with Dr Oliver Jones, Research Director for Ryder Architecture, discussed building design, use of digitisation and big data to help inform energy efficiency decisions, and how these impact on net zero strategies with podcast hosts, David Bootle and Dan Smith

As a leading business within the energy sector, Northern Gas and Power understands the importance of net zero targets on carbon emissions. In the lead up to Net Zero Week, starting on Saturday 17 July, it has produced this podcast series to highlight the pressing need to take action now in the race to reduce emissions.

Northern Gas and Power is a Principal Sponsor of Net Zero Week, and see this as a golden opportunity to bring the industry together to focus on something that is critical to all of us.

In this podcast, Peter talks about the energy efficiency of buildings and the power of data, how we use data from building performance to analyse its energy outputs, and what we can do to improve energy wastage.

He also discusses the role of digital in sustainable building processes, in particular, the use of sensors and making this affordable on a large scale to allow more projects to adopt this way of working.

Listen to the full podcast with Peter and Oliver here.