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Paul Thorpe

by Paul Thorpe | October 7, 2022 |  3 min read

Paul Thorpe
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When you move to a new role, the first few months are an exciting period, when you have the opportunity to blend your experience with new people and projects. After joining BIM Academy at the start of the Summer, this has been an incredible period of 100 days, getting to know the business, our team and our clients. And I can say the move to BIM Academy was absolutely the right decision.

For the past few years, I was living and working in Hong Kong, but the time was right to move back to the UK and when the offer came in to join the BIM Academy team, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Technology, innovation and the process of capturing digital information has always fascinated me. Change and progress associated with digital ways of working have formed the basis of my career. From a young age, I knew the technology space was where I wanted to focus my career and I have been lucky enough to work with some incredible organisations in some equally incredible places.

Alongside my career, I have always been a keen researcher into new technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, and here at BIM Academy I get to work with emerging, and industry changing tech processes every day.

BIM Academy is made up of some brilliant technical innovators, and in the past few months I have learned that as a team of advisors, it is important that we challenge the status quo, constantly looking at what can be done and delivered to drive added value – creating a process that delivers an impact!

Since BIM Academy began back in 2010, it has seen monumental growth both in terms of people and revenue, increasing team size and turn over by 50% in the past three years alone.

Such rapid growth has seen the company become one of the most respected and trusted digital transformation specialists throughout the globe, guiding clients through their digital strategies across the built environment in no less than 20 countries.

Despite already having such international success, with offices in Canada, Hong Kong and the UK, this talented team of strategists, project managers, software developers, designers and researchers, continues to expand globally with recent new contract wins in North America and the Middle East. I have been working for the past six weeks on such a project in South Carolina on the digital strategy for a new production plant for a car manufacturer. Having supported this client previously on manufacturing plants in Europe, this gives us the opportunity to expand further in the USA.

Although I have been working in the BIM environment for over a decade, for me BIM Academy brings a new perspective to the meaning of digital, one which enables our clients to achieve better results. In these past few months I have learned that my colleagues are true pioneers of digital skills – they are motivated by the desire to improve the way people and technology work together.

At a time when technology has never been more widely used in construction and infrastructure, BIM Academy educates on the ways to maximise the positive impact of technology adoption, and how to apply its benefits to receive maximum return.

For me personally, it’s about looking for new ways to increasingly build an outcome and benefit driven approach that allows us to process complex, mix method deliverables to quickly solve bigger challengers. Bringing together the capabilities needed to drive digital transformation, to help businesses to grow and thrive in today’s digital age. An age which continues to excite me and is made possible by a business I am proud to be a part of.

After 100 days, I have learned so much and that’s the joy of working in the technology space, there is always something new to learn, and equally something new to share.

To talk with Paul about digital transformation and the use of new technology on your projects, contact Paul at [email protected]