Construction Innovation Hub: A framework for the future

by Dr Melanie Robinson | November 5, 2021 |  2 min read

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Dr Melanie Robinson, BIM Academy Project Manager, recently contributed to the development of the Early Careers Digital Capabilities report for the Construction Innovation Hub: Digital Capabilities: a framework for early career professionals across built environment disciplines.

The report sets out what all early career built environment professionals should know about digitally enabled ways of working, allowing them to increase the pace of transformational change in the sector.

The report was released on Wednesday 3 November to coincide with the UN Climate Change Conference 20201(COP26), taking place in Glasgow, and contains as Framework that has been informed by research and insights from a series of workshops with recent graduates and their managers from a range of built environment disciplines, as well as a series of roundtables with academic course leaders, professional institutions and industry representatives, during which Melanie took part.

The Framework is intended to stimulate discussion and action by enabling industry, built environment undergraduate and masters course providers and professional institutions to provide a common language and structure around which all professionals and disciplines can unite to support the development of the digital capabilities the sector needs.

Designed to be used by companies, professional institutions, policy makers, universities and other industry organisations, as well as early career professionals and their managers, the Framework supports the development of digital capabilities at an individual or an organisational level. It has been designed to apply to all early career professionals who join through a variety of routes including those who study relevant bachelors and master’s degrees, apprentices and further education routes into the industry.

To access the full report and the Framework, download it here.

Download the report