Announcing our new Learning and Development platform

by Andrew Johnson | September 24, 2021 |  3 min read

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The BIM Academy journey that led us to where we are today started over 10 years ago. I would say the word “academy” in our name is a little bit of a give-away, in that we have been delivering training for the past decade, but more so as part of the bigger consultancy offering. But now we have launched a dedicated training platform to enhance the learning and development of professionals operating within the digital built environment.

Over the past decade, we have grown into a world-leading digital solutions provider, combining our expertise in research with digital construction consultancy to successfully deliver projects across digital engineering, construction and infrastructure in 19 different countries. It is this real-world experience that has given us the knowledge and insight to be able to create our own specialist curriculum in the field of BIM – allowing others to upskill and start their own digital journey.

Whilst training may not be a new string to our bow, the way we will now be delivering it will be. The learning and development experience you will now receive from BIM Academy will be like no other.

We have taken our time to perfect the courses and their content, because for us content is the star of the show. Content needs to be meaningful, relevant and useful to enhance your knowledge and capabilities. It is important to understand that the actual act of training delivery is only the beginning. It is what the learner then does with this new-found knowledge that counts.

Which is why, when we took the time to look to the future of learning, we knew it was time to change how we learn. People are ready to learn in a new way and receive information they can process quickly and implement to achieve greater efficiencies and success.

Our new learning and development platform is a digital home for our learning community, one where training can be accessed in our virtual classrooms and users can maintain regular contact for continued support from our tutors – myself being one of them.

For me, learning is about the value gained from attending a training session. What does this mean for the learner and how will it change things for them for the better? In addition, the learning may start in the (virtual) classroom environment for the learner, but there are many stages of development for the content before it reaches the learner to ensure it is the right thing for them and their development needs. Good training providers curate the best content and that may come from a myriad of sources – being practicing industry specialists makes for a better learning experience.

Our aim is to expand our community and create a network of industry professionals who are BIM Academy-certified in the field of BIM and digital construction. Our affiliation with Northumbria University means our learners will have the added benefit of learning from real-world practitioners with the academic backing of a globally recognised education provider.

It’s an exciting time, with the first set of training courses being launched this week in BIM, with a deeper look into the ISO 19650 standard and how we manage project information at both construction and operational stages.

Our completing vision is to accelerate the transformation of our industry, exploring new learning futures and uniting industry professionals through better data and project management. This is day one of the new BIM Academy learning and development; we have started big, but there is still so much more to come.

To discuss your learning and development requirements and to find out more about our new learning experience, contact Andrew at [email protected].