WATCH: How to build and measure Digital Skills within an organisation

In early August we ran a webinar which gave critical insights into identifying digital skills and how to enhance digital knowledge and experience to maximise  value for organisations and their projects.

by BIM Academy | August 4, 2020 |  2 min read

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This webinar was hosted by BIM Academy Managing Director, Peter Barker, who was joined by two of BIM Academy’s leading digital construction specialists, Will Joske, Director (ANZ) and Melanie Robinson, Project Manager.

The team discussed how to uncover the levels of digital literacy within an organisation and what new standards of digital delivery are required.

In order to identify skills gaps, you must first do a gap analysis, this will enable your organisations to understand how your human capital aligns with their technological capacity and to identify gaps in capability and provision. It is also important to understand that not everyone on your team needs ALL skills, customise your team according to experience, knowledge and role.

Overall, for the AEC industry there is a gap between the understanding of BIM and its application and as a result there are many challenges to overcome. Now it is time to get the basics right, setting the foundations to leverage project data to the best of its abilities and gain buy-in from all levels of the business.

This is why greater understanding of digital competency is important. We must remember at this stage that not everyone needs to be skilled in each area, we need to be specialists in our own role but understand the whole sum.

To ensure our teams are fully digitally enabled we need to set out a clear roadmap for increased knowledge and learning so that each individual is adding value to your projects.

Once you have watched this webinar and if you would like to learn more about how to build and measure digital skills within your own organisation, contact BIM Academy’s Melanie Robinson or Will Joske  for a more detailed discussion and find out how we can help transform your digital future.