Reimagining onsite productivity with Aquila


by BIM Academy | June 4, 2021 | 3 min read

Reimagining onsite productivity with Aquila
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Aquila is a new digital tool for monitoring, managing and predicting the performance of plant equipment on site. By combining BIM and 4D scheduling, Aquila will improve construction project productivity and sustainability in real-time.

Plant equipment, particularly heavy earthmoving equipment such as excavators, bulldozers and dump trucks, represents a major cost element in construction projects –ranging from 10% in a commercial project and up to 50% in major infrastructure projects ,such as highways, railways and energy projects. This is a large chunk of project budget that many contractors are getting wrong and seeing significant amounts of wastage.

What if we told you, we could reduce waste and save on costs? And what if we invited you to try it for yourself and join our beta program for Aquila?

Join the Aquila Beta Program

After extensive development, Aquila has entered beta stage and we are seeking organisations to partner with us in the further testing of the software functionality and capabilities.

Aquila links plant equipment to your project work programme using 4D BIM technology, showing real-time activity to accelerate your understanding of onsite operations. For the beta program we will give you a first-stage version of Aquila in which to create your own dashboard. Each vehicle on site will have its own tracking device, linked directly to your dashboard, so you will know where each vehicle is at all times.

This real-time, 4D mapping of plant equipment allows users to review, analyse and report on activity, performance, emissions and location. The built-in machine learning algorithms with Aquila will quickly become initiative to your project, extracting knowledge from the data to optimise you project model for top performance, whilst enabling seamless deployment of the plant equipment for your next project.

Cost-saving solution

The consequences of equipment downtime can be severe, ranging from delays in a project caused by an unexpected breakdown and the inconvenience of idle equipment taking up valuable space – all contributing to an overspend in project budget.

The need to deliver cost savings was a prominent development feature in the design of Aquila, with the desire to remove additional unnecessary project costs at all stages. Which is why it was essential to develop Aquila to be commercially, as well as technically, viable.

Smarter, greener future

The impacts of climate change are being seen across the globe, and the accumulation of wasted energy and carbon emissions, as well as greenhouse gases, are contributing to the heating of the earth’s surface. By rapidly cutting emissions we can lessen the risks of dangerous climate change for the future.

Aquila optimises plant equipment performance for a smarter, greener future. Designed to fight climate change, Aquila identifies ways to reduce emissions of plant equipment by monitoring output and changing future workflows patterns to be more energy efficient.

With UK Government and global carbon emission targets set for net zero by 2050 and 75% reductions in the UK by 2035, the need for new solutions to measure savings on emissions is essential to allow contractors and project managers to set specific metrics and report on these results. Aquila can provide a solution to allow us to control and predict carbon outputs and help us meet these government targets.

To find out more about this pioneering software and join Aquila beta program, contact Project Manager, Andrew Johnson.