PlanBEE is an innovative higher level apprenticeship programme in Architectural Engineering and Management designed by industry sponsors led by Ryder Architecture in conjunction with Gateshead College and university partners.  With the advent of more collaborative and multidisciplinary working, largely facilitated through BIM, the aim is to develop a new generation of professionals with a broader spectrum of education, able to forge careers in a variety of roles, irrespective of specialist disciplines.

Steve Logan, Project Consultant for PlanBEE at Gateshead College, has worked with partners to design the programme and thankful to BIM Academy for their contribution:

“BIM Academy has been instrumental in helping us design and deliver the programme and lead a key element of the course induction, which emphasises very early on the critical importance of BIM within modern interdisciplinary working.

Peter Barker and his team designed a bespoke version of their Virtual Project workshop for complete novices, which I didn’t think was possible.  I was thrilled and amazed at the pace of learning and the way in which students were able to take on different roles and work in teams to produce coordinated and fully rendered models of their building designs using Autodesk Revit, Navisworks and other tools that they had never used before. 

It was certainly one of the most intense, but rewarding parts of the programme so far and all the students refer back to this experience and how valuable it was in preparing them for work and further study.  I’m extremely grateful to Peter and his team and look forward to strengthening our partnership as we recruit future cohorts.”


For more information please visit the PlanBEE website.


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