An innovative feasibility study into optimising construction site plant and equipment use by applying BIM, IoT and data analytics.

BIM Academy is making good progress on this research project in collaboration with BuildStream, Costain, Northumbria University and Lynch (Plant Hire), exploring how we can improve efficiency in utilisation of plant and equipment on site.  This is achieved through the collation and aggregation of onsite data, combined with a construction programme and a 3D model, allowing for a better understanding of current utilisation levels and productivity and more clearly identifying where improvements can be made.


Significant progress has been made in the second quarter of the project, with several stakeholder interviews carried out to help determine the use cases for the project.  A workshop with key members from consortium was held on site in London, allowing the data gained from interviews to be prioritised to the most relevant use cases for the pilot site and fed into the feasibility study going forward. Within this workshop, key criteria of success for the research project were agreed.  Key datasets needed for the project to progress were identified, such as legacy telematic data, current data, digital models and programmes.


BuildStream have continued to develop their hardware and software platform, with updates to user interface, feedback informed design changes and a more responsive platform with regards to accessibility of data on mobile platforms.  The hardware has been tested on mining equipment looking at robustness of the device.  Through this testing, lessons were learnt about its capability and data capture. All of this has informed a redesign which is now complete.





BIM Academy have been exploring Synchro Pro and Site, building a 4D model and looking at how live data capture from sensor equipment may be utilised and fed into the model, with a focus on plant and equipment. Research is being carried out on exploring the possibility of software plugin creation to automate and allow for this process to happen. Conversations with Synchro on access to their API’s are ongoing.


Northumbria University are using historical data sets in parallel with BuildStream live data to create equipment operating performance predictions from which better construction project decisions can be made. ML models have started to be researched, and the team will continue to develop these over the course of the project.


The team are now gearing up for hardware installation on site and the utilisation of the data captured.  They will continue to collaborate and engage with stakeholders to push the research project forward. Site access for future trials and sensor installation has been agreed on for September, allowing the team to receive far more granular telematic data than that currently available within industry.