BIM Earth Live

The Ryder Alliance and BIM Academy led team, NE1forBIM, take on the next in the series of 48 hour Build Earth Live competitions

For anyone, the thought of working 48 hours straight is extremely daunting. Try doing that as a team of over 40 people based around the world working together to design and model a building, in the space of 48 hours.

NE1forBIM were named the winners of Best Multi-Disciplinary BIM & Use of Interoperability at the Build Earth Live Awards which took place on Friday 20 March 2015.

The competition saw BIM Academy, a joint venture between local architectural practice Ryder Architecture and Northumbria University, facilitating a group of 40+ people representing 13 different organisations with varying BIM maturities and experiences form an international team; NE1forBIM.  The team’s principle ethos was to learn, explore and develop an understanding of how people, process and technology are integrated within a digital project environment.

On Monday 17 March the competition began. Team NE1forBIM were one of six teams competing against each other. The risk free environment provided opportunities for members of NE1forBIM to challenge themselves, as well as innovative and untested processes and technologies. Thus allowing them to improve their understanding and determining potential efficiencies for best practice within their organisations.

The brief was based around a proposal for the development of a Digital Innovation and Showcase Centre located on an unused stretch of land along Newcastle’s iconic Quayside.

During the 48 hours, team NE1forBIM situated in various locations, collaborated and shared their knowledge amongst each other icluding other companies of the same discipline in order to achieve the fantastic final deliverables submitted at noon on Wednesday 18 March. It was a unique vision adopted by the team, which accommodated not only the immediate project team consisting of SMEs and academics, but also external observers from other local organisations as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students from the Faculty of Engineering and Environment, Northumbria University.

Jonnie McGill, Principal Structural Engineer at Patrick Parsons, said: “We are pleased to be participating in Build Earth Live. The competition provides a unique opportunity for us to collaborate with – and learn from – other organisations with varying levels of BIM experience, and it looks set to be an exciting yet challenging 48 hours. We’re looking forward to taking on the brief and showing what we can do with the team’s collective expertise and use of BIM.”

Following the competition, Julia Wesenlund, Landscape Architect at TGP Landscape Architects (North) Ltd said “This has been an extremely useful fast track introduction to BIM and collaborative working. I’ll be taking a lot away from this experience and thinking about how BIM can fit into our work as Landscape Architects”.

The opportunity has allowed for all organisations, with varying levels of maturity to look beyond the competition and improve their organisation’s workflow and knowledge. Kieran Stapleton, BIM Technologist from BIM Academy, found “the entire experience a playground for learning, where you are able to see behind the scenes of a truly collaborative project environment, identify critical interfaces and thus moving beyond the low hanging fruit of working within a process that combines people, process and technology”.

To watch NE1forBIM’s video click here.