Last week saw the annual conference of the Association of Interior Specialists conference, however now they have merged with the FPDC (Federation of Plastering and Dry-lining Contractors) it is the AIS FPDC conference……  Apparently they are now working on a new organisation name.

I first spoke at an AIS conference back in 2012, my talk then – “BIM,  better ways to count”. Since then the AIS has been one of the few trade associations to really push BIM awareness to their members and should be applauded.

There was a complete breakout stream of BIM talks at this year’s event in Manchester, held in the fantastic Industrial Museum. My talk was straight after lunch to a packed room, entitled “Measuring maturity and cutting through the BIM Wash!”

I concentrated on the topic by trying to define firstly what constitutes maturity, starting with esoteric references to tree rings and myself growing up (with appropriately embarrassing photos of me at 4,7, 11 and 15) before moving on to BIM.

After outlining the various methods of measurement I stirred in some references to some of the current UK organisational and project ‘BIM Wash’ before challenging delegates that the true measure of practical BIM maturity would perhaps be the following….

  • Having the confidence in BIM knowledge and experience to challenge BIM Wash
  • If a key member of your team leaves your organisation your BIM journey does not fall apart.

The afternoon finished with a pleasant drinks reception in the Museum’s atrium. Thank you to the AIS FPDC for inviting BIM Academy to present at their event and we look forward to working together on some forthcoming projects.

Link to the presentations