Setting politics and critics aside, the sheer magnitude of investment and development within Birmingham provides a means to elevate the local community, businesses and people from different walks of life, being at the heart of the High Speed Rail Network, the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and developments such as Paradise Circus.  BIM Academy Director, Nahim Iqbal who is based in the region, says “it is critical that organisations work together for the greater good.  Certainly, in order to advance concurrently across the areas of education, research and training to ultimately enable people to be upskilled and employed on local projects.”


With this in mind, BIM Academy was appointed by Aston University School of Engineering and Applied Science to deliver a three day Virtual Project course on campus in Birmingham for academic staff.  This unique and innovative opportunity for collaboration supports knowledge sharing and dissemination in the area of digital engineering that will be passed on to the future generation of engineering students who will gain enhanced skill sets to leverage opportunities in the local region and the rest of the world.


From Left to Right): Parastou Shahid Zadeh, Nii Ankrah, Mark Crowe, Nahim Iqbal, Kenneth Park, Tala Kasim, Yuqing Zhang


What is Virtual Project?

Virtual Project is an innovative, engaging and collaborative multidisciplinary course that enables professionals working in the Built Environment to experience the real value of BIM (Building Information Modelling). Based on a sample project, this is achieved through workshops, demonstrations and hands on BIM processes and software tools for design, construction and operation.



The intensive course is designed to allow teams and organisations to experience BIM in a real time collaborative environment.  It enables participants to explore the BIM process and software tools with few of the risks or costs which the uninitiated could encounter on a real project.  The course at Aston University was delivered by Mark Crowe who is one of BIM Academy’s experienced and skilled practitioners.


Whilst the agenda can vary dependent on requirements from different parties, the core contents of the course dig deeper into standards, processes and technologies.  It is important for attendees to understand the basic concepts, links between data and technologies and the real value that can be delivered during design, construction and operations.  During the session interaction in the form of questions and debates are encouraged amongst peers as this certainly gives rise to further ideas and innovation.



What did our attendees think?

  Dr Kenneth Park – Senior Lecturer in Construction

“Such a great course that will certainly help us to enhance how we deliver learning to our students…”


  Dr Tala Kasim, Lecturer in Construction Management Programme

“The course provided greater transparency and understanding of the overall BIM workflow and the requirements of meeting BIM to UK government and international standards.”


  Dr Nii Ankrah, Senior Lecturer in Quantity Surveying

“I was introduced to new digital tools and ways of working and gained a practical appreciation of how BIM could be used to manage the lifecycle of a project…”


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