James Charlton
Research fellow

James’ undergraduate degree in Architectural Technology provided him with the fundamental knowledge and skills in Building Information Modelling, 3D visualisation and performance analysis within Architecture. These skills were further developed throughout his PhD, during which he gained knowledge in a wide range of analytical software applicable to the subject area of architectural and built environment visualisation.
During his career he has both lead and supported numerous high impact enterprise and research projects ranging from performance analysis and visualisation within architecture and urban design, to data management and utilisation within the fields of BIM and smart cities. He is highly trained in Building Information Modelling, 3D modelling and laser scanning technologies. He has been able to pass on this knowledge via teaching and supporting roles across Architecture and built environment disciplines and publish outputs to a high level. Specialising in digital visualisation and documentation within heritage and architecture, James is researching the application of new technologies to survey and visualise buildings. The techniques are providing new datasets for the creation of BIM of existing buildings.

Case study: Modern technology explores Medieval room