David Greenwood
Professor of Construction Management
Director, BIM Academy (Enterprises) Ltd

David is co-founder and Director of BIM Academy. As Professor of Construction Management at Northumbria University, he specialises in construction contracts and procurement, inter-organisational relations and project risk management, with particular focus on how BIM can improve best practice. He has previously chaired the Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM) and is a member of the Conseil International du Bâtiment (CIB) W117 (Performance Measurement) and TG80 (Legal & Regulatory aspects of BIM) groups. He has authored over 150 academic papers and books and has received research funding from UK Research Councils, the European Union, UK Government, Professional Bodies and Industry.

Recent projects include:
“Digital Engineering for Customised Compliance in Maintenance Regimes (DECC-MR)”. Completed in 2016, funded by InnovateUK
“Tier2Tier: A collaboration interface between construction main contractors and their supply chain specialist sub-contractors”. Completed in 2017, funded by InnovateUK
TEMPUS IV “Building Information Modeling: Integrated Design Environment for Engineering Education” (3 European and 5 Egyptian Universities,2 industry partners and the Egyptian Ministry of Housing. Due for completion in 2017, funded by the European Union.
“City-Scale Building Information Modelling: State of the Art”. Completed in 2017, funded by Future Cities Catapult.

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