BIM Academy Virtual Project Training for PwC

BIM Academy was recently delighted to deliver Virtual Project training for Mark Cameron, Director of Capital Projects Services from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Middle East.  The unique Virtual Project course, originally developed by BIM Academy, allows professionals to gain a focussed insight into the application and value of a range of digital tools and processes when applied at all stages of the project lifecycle.



Mark attended BIM Academy’s UK offices for the one day training course and said:

“One of the most industry relevant courses I have taken in a long time and delivered by people who really are at the top of their specialism. 

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BIM Academy supports PlanBEE apprenticeship scheme

PlanBEE is an innovative higher level apprenticeship programme in Architectural Engineering and Management designed by industry sponsors led by Ryder Architecture in conjunction with Gateshead College and university partners.  With the advent of more collaborative and multidisciplinary working, largely facilitated through BIM, the aim is to develop a new generation of professionals with a broader spectrum of education, able to forge careers in a variety of roles, irrespective of specialist disciplines.

Steve Logan,

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BIM Academy in Scotland

Virtual Project goes to Scotland!

In partnership with Synergie Training, BIM Academy took Virtual Project to Inverness last week. Not only did I get to travel with the team to Inverness, I had the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM) through this unique and innovative course available to all in the construction industry.

Virtual Project is lead by skilled, knowledgeable and friendly BIM Academy trainers

I personally do not come from a construction background;

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Virtual Project heads North

BIM is a major driver for delivering efficiency in the construction and infrastructure industry. As a centre for excellence, BIM Academy is supporting the government BIM Strategy for 2016 to deliver value through reduced cost, improved programme certainty, reduced carbon emissions and safer environments.

In partnership with Synergie Training, BIM Academy has developed an innovative and collaborative Virtual Project to allow industry experts to experience BIM through workshops, demonstrations and hands on opportunities experience the benefits of using BIM processes and tools for design,

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Experiencing BIM in a risk free environment

Virtual Project CPD – Kent County Council

In the early days of its development BIM Academy designed the Virtual Project course to build on the success and experience they had gained working on a number of international competitions. The course was designed to span over three days, bringing together team members who could quickly asses their capability and responsibility on a BIM project within a risk free environment. For me it had an instant and obvious appeal as it should work for team members with differing levels of expertise without the usual penalties associated with making a mess of things.

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