2017: Armageddon or Arcadia?


2016 was a year that saw a massive upheaval in the political and social landscape. The people spoke – voted – and as a consequence the UK is destined to leave the EU and the US has a President the likes of which they have never seen before. The term post-truth has moved into common parlance and it is accepted to tell porkies in public. Meanwhile the construction industry generally continues as before,

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A monumental 2015

UK’s national BIM platform BIMcrunch recently invited our very own Peter Barker for a BIM Brunch intewiew  focussing on BIM Academy’s  monumental 2015, with achievements including: participation in two Build Earth Live competitions; being one of the influential companies to form the new Dynamo Build initiative; project bidding triumphs on the Sydney Opera House; Knowledge Transfer Partnership success; and perhaps most importantly, their continued growth in Australia.

Peter is at the helm of our  success  as Managing Director of BIM Academy and Director at Ryder Architecture.

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BIM Earth Live

Build Earth Live – Newcastle 2015

The Ryder Alliance and BIM Academy led team, NE1forBIM, take on the next in the series of 48 hour Build Earth Live competitions

For anyone, the thought of working 48 hours straight is extremely daunting. Try doing that as a team of over 40 people based around the world working together to design and model a building, in the space of 48 hours.

NE1forBIM were named the winners of Best Multi-Disciplinary BIM &

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