BIM4 Breakfast Series Melbourne

Topic: BIM4Clients

Join us for an intimate breakfast session on 12 August designed to demonstrate the value of Building Information Modelling on projects.

Next Event: 12 August, 2016

This event is being co-hosted by BIM Academy and Point Advisory, with the kind support of Edocuments.  

The purpose of the event is to demonstrate the Value of Building Information Modelling on projects here in Australia.

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Where is BIM in the Boom?

Whilst growth rates in the construction industry across most of Australia have tapered-off recently, Sydney’s construction sector continues to boom. But where is BIM in this boom? Claire Bowles, Senior Project Manager at BIM Academy takes a look.2015 has seen the rise of BIM being smartly adopted on Sydney projects including the Moorebank Units Relocation Development. This involves a $870 million,

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BIM Academy in Australia

BIM Australia Roadshow

A conversational workshop tour, listening to thoughts and opinions in adoption of this technology.

BIM Academy and i2C recently held workshops to capture current beliefs and attitudes held by Australian businesses towards BIM.

BIM Academy has been active in the UK for 4 years where the initiative to mandate BIM by 2016 has been taken. Established by Ryder Architecture in combination with Northumbria University,

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