About this course

With low-cost sensor technologies now widely available, building owners, managers and designers are in a position to monitor, manage and understand buildings in new ways – potentially improving resource efficiencies and occupant wellbeing. But any implementation needs careful consideration and design to obtain the required results and avoid capturing unnecessary data, the wrong data or missing opportunities. Based on recent research and practical experience implementing sensor technologies, this interactive course will offer a structured approach for anyone interested in deploying sensor technologies into buildings.

Learning Outcomes:


  • An understanding of how to identify information needs to support a range of use cases
  • Be able to identify sensor requirements to meet information needs
  • Identify and evaluate a range of sensor technologies for given use case scenarios
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of structured data sets
  • Privacy and security considerations

Practical skills:

  • Practical application of a methodology for identifying sensor data requirements
  • Basic analysis of sensor data on the cloud


Sensor data can provide insights into building performance and patterns of occupant behaviour. Light, humidity, temperature, sound and other data can be captured to support understanding of occupant wellbeing. Occupant movement within and across buildings can be tracked and even the current mood of building users can be detected. Building assets can be tracked and monitored in use. Data from sensors can provide insights that support future decisions relating to building: design; operation; and maintenance.

The potential number of data points that can be collected within and across buildings can prove an overwhelming prospect for those tasked with designing and deploying sensor networks. Designing a network that supports the business and functional needs of building owners, managers and occupiers requires multi-stakeholder knowledge. This course looks at what it means to implement an ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) approach to developing a ‘Smart building’. It aims to demystify the terminology around developing smart building infrastructure and offer building designers, owners and managers a practical insight to the deployment of sensor technologies.

Adopting a strategic approach to developing a sensor network can ensure the required results are obtained whilst avoiding capturing data for the sake of it.

This course will look at the problems with over specifying technology, the benefits sensor networks can bring to both building performance, resource efficiencies and occupant wellbeing and how to develop a set of data requirements for specifying a sensor network. We will look at different types of sensors and the types of data they can capture and discuss the limitations of sensor technologies. Essential privacy and security considerations will also be discussed.

By the end of this course you will have a good understanding of how to define a set of information requirements to support the development of a sensor specification. You will learn methods for identifying data needs to support those information requirements. You will be given an introduction to sensors and the different types of sensor technology available for supporting building design and operational processes. There will be a practical hands-on session where you will explore different sensor technologies and the types of data that can be generated.

You will learn how to identify information requirements for use cases scenarios along with the data required to provide that information. Sources of data will be explored, including sensor and building data. Sample data sets will be demonstrated using live sensor data readings. Gaps in data will be explored to demonstrate the importance of good data. Delegates will learn methods for creating a strategy for understanding sensor requirements for asset management.


1 day


£300 (+VAT)

Available Course dates

7 December 2018

12 April 2019


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