Having provided independent technical guidance on specification and integration of tools supporting the full lifecycle of built assets since its inception, and in recognition of the need from industry and from our own complexities with the current functionality from vendors, BIM Academy has steadily developed a strong technical delivery capability.

We offer the ability, with our in depth knowledge of using tools across the built asset and IT industries, to deliver solutions ranging from plugins to extend existing tools through to entirely new applications; and considering the capability of off the shelf solutions on the market to determine the most appropriate solution for our clients.

We deliver solutions that directly meet the needs of our clients by identifying clear use cases for all functionality required, along with close client engagement that brings core personnel along the journey, ensuring functionality correlates to organisational and end user expectations. We ensure that our clients are using the best technology available to match their needs not only for the moment but with a clear plan for the future.

We believe in a technologically open world, where our clients have control not only of their data but also of the tools and processes they use. We prefer to provide solutions that mean clients return to us due to the quality and value we provide, rather than because of the constraints we place on their functions.

Tailored Software Development Through a methodical investigation and development approach, we deliver solutions that directly address the needs of our clients, using the technology most appropriate to their current and future requirements. We guide our clients through the complex IT world by providing pragmatic and understandable explanations to ensure we can gain as much from their valuable input as possible.

Plug-in Development We have an in depth understanding of a large range of the BIM tools on the international market, along with their strengths and weaknesses and internal workings. There are many functions required by organisations across the built asset industries that are not directly supported by the available tools, or not in an efficient manner. Development of simple plugins to augment existing tools can offer a lot of value to organisations for a relatively limited resource.

Software Research We can undertake research-based projects in a range of fields, with support from leading research partners, to address key issues confronted by our clients or support them in investigating potential new revenue streams. To drive the built asset industries forward, we undertake several R&D projects into critical issues within the industry, based on our extensive experience, where possible providing these as open source toolkits. In all cases, we strive to deliver industry leading research and development and don’t hold back from utilising the latest technologies available, where appropriate.

Software Interoperability Organisations will often procure a tool because it appears to fulfil a role required or is the recommended tool within the industry, workflows are typically then incorrectly developed around the functions of the tool rather than the core functions of the organisation. We take the process back to the drawing board and consider the fundamental requirements, develop a workflow that better meets the needs of the organisation, with the most appropriate tools in support where appropriate. Interoperability will be considered for all information within the organisation through to required outputs.

Open Source IFC Viewing Technologies In support of our core values to be independent and innovative, BIM Academy has established an open toolkit for IFC usage that can support a wide range of tasks. Compared to vendor specific file types, IFC is a completely open standard that aims to improve the sharing of information across the full lifecycle of built assets. We can provide guidance on usage and implementation of the toolkit along with supporting the development of solutions utilising the toolkit.