The strategic guidance we provide to our clients extends beyond the capability to simply support the implementation of BIM processes in an isolated BIM environment. BIM Academy has extensive experience in analysing the entire technical network, including software, hardware, infrastructure, workflows and skillsets, allowing us to drive real and practical value within an organisations current and future operations. Our recommendations are provided as a single unified roadmap, recognising the practical realities of the organisation and its employees and considering a measured approach to change management.

We can distil the practical benefits of industry buzzwords such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Blockchain, to ensure our clients gain real value from the latest in industry thinking while ensuring you aren’t buying into aspirational sales pitches that never deliver or don’t repay the investment.

IT Infrastructure & Tools Appraisal We offer the ability to evaluate or provide recommendations on the performance, capability and integration of your existing systems, including software and infrastructure, specifically in relation to BIM Applications and related technology. Gaps in capability or specification will be highlighted along with associated risk in a more communicable manner and recommendations provided, including the suggestion of alternative systems if appropriate.

Systems Rationalisation To maximise the value of existing systems, it is important to carefully measure how well systems meet the purpose they were procured for. Our process starts by capturing requirements, ranked by importance, and measure the existing system against delivery. We are then able to provide recommendations on how systems can be better utilised or where value doesn’t match the cost to maintain.

Systems Integration Many organisations have decision making or internal processes limited by the inability to access the right information, from the right systems and able to be utilised in the right downstream tools. If existing solutions are unable to fulfil requirements or require additional modification to do so, we have experience in connecting a wide range of technologies and can provide the capability to investigate and potentially implement integration.

Technical Specification Writing Currently it is not uncommon for organisations to have to work with a potential solution provider to develop technical specifications for the tools they need, before going to market; this however often provides an answer that does not account for the capabilities of competitors or provide a specific enough response. We will undertake an in-depth requirement gathering exercise to identify and prioritise use cases for a system, developing a theoretical blueprint of functionality which may include concept designs. The existing market will be investigated for potential solutions to ensure the specification is measured and within reasonable delivery expectations. A specification will be produced that can be brought to the market to inform and direct tender responses, as well as measure response compliance against requirements. Most importantly the specification will be independent and directly targeted at the organisation’s exact needs.