We offer a wide ranging capability in software development, strategic guidance on BIM tools, integration of systems, and data analysis. We have worked on projects ranging from creating tailored plugins for existing software solutions, to designing or managing the implementation of bespoke and off the shelf tools, and onto R&D in industry leading applications of information technology.

We expanded our offering into these fields at the direct request of our clients, and we believe our approach offers the market refreshing value for a number of reasons.

One critical issue regularly reiterated by organisations across built asset industries is the lack of existing software vendors responding to their needs, and at the pace required. We typically see limited improvements on existing tools and very few radical new entrants to markets; BIM Academy offers our clients innovative solutions suitable for the modern world, delivered when they need them, and delivering real, practical value.

Compared to many generic software companies, our knowledge is rooted in the understanding of the built asset industries, through design, analysis, construction and operation. This provides us with a direct insight into value cases for our clients and the practical realities of implementing solutions for people to use.

We believe in a technologically open world, where our clients have control not only of their data but also of the tools and processes they use. We prefer to provide solutions that mean clients return to us due to the quality and value we provide, rather than because of the constraints we place on their functions.