Our full range of services can extend through all stages of a project. At the concept stage, formulating a robust approach is fundamental to delivering a successful outcome. As the project develops including building up a tender plan, compiling a bid, and to the point at which the delivery team are appointed we can support and advice. Our experience on live projects is available to be shared including lessons learnt. That experience extends through the planning, design and construction of a facility. We are now able to offer advice on how BIM can be used to improve the facilities management and operational management of single buildings or a whole estate.

Employers Information Requirements This currently is one of the biggest challenges that faces clients and their advisors. How do we build a robust set of EIRs which properly reflect the project needs? We are able to assist teams to compile effective EIRs building on our experience to date.

BIM Execution Planning Another key document which must be in place at the start of a project. We can assist in producing a plan which reflects contract requirements and will provide a robust framework for the BIM programme.
Bid support For Contractors, Consultants and Subcontractors who are tendering on BIM projects. As clients become more aware of their BIM needs so the level of questions at tender stage is rapidly increasing. We provide support which will ensure a thoughtful and rigorous response can be made to enquiries.

Information management The role of Information Manager is central to the UK government approach and demands for their BIM projects. We can provide support including fulfilling the role of Information Manager if needed.

Model auditing and data management As models are brought together to form the overall federated model it is essentials to understand how complete the models are and how robust the data is. We can fulfil both these functions and produce training plans for organisations wishing to extend their skills.

Clash detection One of the quick wins that derive from using BIM for project delivery. We will provide an overall service in addition to providing training modules.

City and estates modelling Support for organisations wishing to embark on modelling their whole estate. This will allow for opportunities for increasing efficiency, understanding and marketing of places.

BIM coordination Traditionally the role of lead consultant, making sure that the federated models work with each other and thus allows the design to be fully coordinated. We can support teams or establish a fully coordinated model for a project.

Construction simulation (4D) and cost modelling (5D) We can help support or deliver a model which simulates the whole of the construction process and provides visual assistance to the production of safe methods of working and method statements. The addition of a cost model allows further efficiencies to be achieved.

Design for manufacture and assembly (DfMa) Working the model through to allow for efficient manufacturing processes will provide significant opportunities for innovative solutions and generate for an increase in quality with a reduction in cost. We are currently working with manufacturers to explore the potential benefits.

Visualisation and animation We can work with teams to provide visualisation models plus animation to an appropriate level of detail and sophistication.

Project collaboration systems and common data environments (CDE) We can advise on how best to use the wide variety of systems in the market as a user or specifier. We have access to all the systems currently in use and can therefore give unbiased advice to clients.

Government Soft Landings (GSL) and post occupancy evaluation (POE) Measuring the performance of a facility is becoming increasingly important, particularly with the roll out of processes such as Government Soft Landings. Our interest and knowledge extends to how well a facility performs in terms of building specification and how well it functions.