Where is BIM in the Boom?

Whilst growth rates in the construction industry across most of Australia have tapered-off recently, Sydney’s construction sector continues to boom. But where is BIM in this boom? Claire Bowles, Senior Project Manager at BIM Academy takes a look.2015 has seen the rise of BIM being smartly adopted on Sydney projects including the Moorebank Units Relocation Development. This involves a $870 million,

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A monumental 2015

UK’s national BIM platform BIMcrunch recently invited our very own Peter Barker for a BIM Brunch intewiew  focussing on BIM Academy’s  monumental 2015, with achievements including: participation in two Build Earth Live competitions; being one of the influential companies to form the new Dynamo Build initiative; project bidding triumphs on the Sydney Opera House; Knowledge Transfer Partnership success; and perhaps most importantly, their continued growth in Australia.

Peter is at the helm of our  success  as Managing Director of BIM Academy and Director at Ryder Architecture.

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BIM Academy in Scotland

Virtual Project goes to Scotland!

In partnership with Synergie Training, BIM Academy took Virtual Project to Inverness last week. Not only did I get to travel with the team to Inverness, I had the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM) through this unique and innovative course available to all in the construction industry.

Virtual Project is lead by skilled, knowledgeable and friendly BIM Academy trainers

I personally do not come from a construction background;

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BIM Earth Live

Build Earth Live – Newcastle 2015

The Ryder Alliance and BIM Academy led team, NE1forBIM, take on the next in the series of 48 hour Build Earth Live competitions

For anyone, the thought of working 48 hours straight is extremely daunting. Try doing that as a team of over 40 people based around the world working together to design and model a building, in the space of 48 hours.

NE1forBIM were named the winners of Best Multi-Disciplinary BIM &

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What is BIM for Landscape?

As the 2016 Level 2 BIM Government mandate approaches the requirement for training in BIM enabled software has seemingly become imminent. To date there appears to be no single tool which is 100% effective in enabling a landscape consultant to produce an information model. With this in mind and considering the ever increasing pressure on Landscape Architects from clients and contractors to become BIM capable BIM Academy have developed a unique BIM for Landscape tools training course.

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Virtual Project heads North

BIM is a major driver for delivering efficiency in the construction and infrastructure industry. As a centre for excellence, BIM Academy is supporting the government BIM Strategy for 2016 to deliver value through reduced cost, improved programme certainty, reduced carbon emissions and safer environments.

In partnership with Synergie Training, BIM Academy has developed an innovative and collaborative Virtual Project to allow industry experts to experience BIM through workshops, demonstrations and hands on opportunities experience the benefits of using BIM processes and tools for design,

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BIM Academy Experts on NCE Round Table

BIM Academy were invited to attend a NCE Round Table (it was actually oblong) discussion on 25 November. It was attended by representatives from BCIA shortlisted projects that stood out for their use of BIM, to express their views on what behaviours and contractual mechanisms enabled their use of technology to shine – and what that added to the end product. BIM Academy Chair John Lorimer joined a diverse mix of clients, contractors and consultants.

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Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce – BIM Technical Seminars


BIM Academy are active members of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and, together with the Chamber, have secured European funding for BIM Technical Seminars for SMEs in the Greater Manchester Area. BIM Academy will be leading these seminars and further supply chain up-skilling workshops in the new year.

The first seminars are next week:

Details available here or contact Manchester Chamber of Commerce  [email protected]

TITLE: BIM Technical Seminars
DATE: Monday 24th or Tuesday 25th November 2014 &

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