BIM Academy in Scotland

In partnership with Synergie Training, BIM Academy took Virtual Project to Inverness last week. Not only did I get to travel with the team to Inverness, I had the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM) through this unique and innovative course available to all in the construction industry.

Virtual Project is lead by skilled, knowledgeable and friendly BIM Academy trainers

I personally do not come from a construction background; my role involves marketing and PR for BIM Academy, so this for me was an exciting opportunity to see what this buzz word ‘BIM’ actually is and entails.

One of the first things I noticed about this course was that those involved really do get to have plenty of hands on experience with the various software tools available on the market which is key for this type of training course. It prevents boredom and encourages engagement as well as providing the opportunity for the delegates to see the technologies in action and visually understand the message instructors are trying to communicate. The interaction that took place throughout the three days of the Virtual Project course was truly captivating.

Key to the delivery of the Virtual Project training course is the breadth of knowledge and experience the instructors have with not only the tools but from working in the industry. They were able to describe their experiences and apply it in context for delegates on the course who had queries regarding the projects they were working on. The way in which in the instructors described the various concepts, processes and technologies involved in BIM to the group was truly fascinating!

The discussions between the delegates and instructors were thought provoking as it set people on a path of thinking about how they could implement BIM within their businesses, and furthermore what their next steps may be. Throughout the three days I took the opportunity to talk to the delegates taking part in the course, to try and understand their thoughts and expectations about exciting training course. Bryan Stout from the Highland Council described the Virtual Project as being ‘Important for the future, thought provoking and interesting’.

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