BuildStream 4D Research Project – Part 2 Update

An innovative feasibility study into optimising construction site plant and equipment use by applying BIM, IoT and data analytics.

BIM Academy is making good progress on this research project in collaboration with BuildStream, Costain, Northumbria University and Lynch (Plant Hire), exploring how we can improve efficiency in utilisation of plant and equipment on site.  This is achieved through the collation and aggregation of onsite data, combined with a construction programme and a 3D model,

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BIM Academy Delivers Virtual Project Course for Aston University Academics

Setting politics and critics aside, the sheer magnitude of investment and development within Birmingham provides a means to elevate the local community, businesses and people from different walks of life, being at the heart of the High Speed Rail Network, the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and developments such as Paradise Circus.  BIM Academy Director, Nahim Iqbal who is based in the region, says “it is critical that organisations work together for the greater good. 

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Virtual Project in Vancouver

The BIM Academy team are collaborating with the Vancouver Regional Construction Association to deliver their innovative Virtual Project workshop to industry professionals in British Columbia. Originally created in 2013 on the back of BIM Academy’s success in several global multidisciplinary BIM competitions, the course allows those with little familiarity with BIM technologies and processes to understand the benefits of BIM when applied to a sample project.  Suitable for professionals from all disciplines, the Vancouver course will run over two days and will give delegates a valuable insight into the power of digital tools during design,

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#BIMTip 3 – “It’s Non Negotiable”

Since April 2016, the use of BIM has been mandated on centrally funded government projects throughout the UK, and the latest NBS survey showed that a majority (54%) of those surveyed are now integrating BIM into their own work.  Elsewhere, the trajectory is similar, with government mandates in place across the likes of Singapore, Dubai, Spain and Norway.

As Peter Barker explains, “The appetite has changed.  It has become non negotiable that in order to realise increasingly complex buildings against very demanding budgets and schedules,

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Three new sponsors back construction skills scheme

Three high profile national organisations have pledged their support for an innovative scheme designed to attract new talent into the built environment industry.

Digital engineering hub BIM Academy, Sunderland based engineering consultancy Desco and NBS, which provides technical information, specification and Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools to construction industry professionals, have all signed up to become sponsors of PlanBEE.

The scheme was launched last year when Gateshead College and Ryder Architecture formed a powerful alliance with a network of architects,

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#BIMTip 2 Start With Why

For owners and operators, to best exploit the value of BIM,  it is always best to start with the “why”.  The first step is to understand why the client or project will benefit from BIM and what drives the organisation’s needs – a large healthcare client has different objectives to a university, who conversely has very different goals to a residential developer.  These are known as the Organisational Information Requirements (OIR).


The second step is understanding which operational assets are to be maintained and what information is needed to successfully manage this.  

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New Guide for facilities management professionals

BIM Academy have supported British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) to produce a new guide for facilities management professionals working with clients on BIM construction projects.


Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR) is a practical 47 page document to support clients using BIM. The user friendly brochure demonstrates how to specify exact requirements for the design and construction phase of a built asset through to its full life time operation.

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BIM Academy seeks graduate computer scientist for exciting Innovate UK project

BIM Academy are seeking to appoint a talented Computer Scientist to work on the development of a software platform for integrating Building Information Models (BIM) with data from building sensor deployments, for building performance monitoring and feedback loops.  This is a research and development position as part of an Innovate UK project called ‘Smart Connected Buildings: Model based performance and feedback loops’.


The candidate will play a highly active role in BIM Academy,

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BIM Academy ANZ launch Virtual Project in Australia

Last week saw the successful launch of BIM Academy’s Virtual Project in Australia. Hosted by The University of Canberra BIM Academy ran a workshop for 18 delegates comprising a cross section of the industry and academia in Canberra. The workshop was a taster day for Virtual Project – BIM Academy’s unique three day course uses BIM and collaborative working principles to allow project teams to work collectively in a controlled environment.


In 2017,

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BIM Academy supports PlanBEE apprenticeship scheme

PlanBEE is an innovative higher level apprenticeship programme in Architectural Engineering and Management designed by industry sponsors led by Ryder Architecture in conjunction with Gateshead College and university partners.  With the advent of more collaborative and multidisciplinary working, largely facilitated through BIM, the aim is to develop a new generation of professionals with a broader spectrum of education, able to forge careers in a variety of roles, irrespective of specialist disciplines.

Steve Logan,

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